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What is sales automation? Sales automation is the process of streamlining manual, tedious, and time-consuming tasks in the sales process so your sales team can focus less on admin and more on selling. Cutting edge software-based solutions like customized chatbot workflows give your sales team a huge helping hand. It also frees up their time and attention for more pressing tasks, such as maintaining post-sale customer relationships or followup on point of sale questions a bot can’t answer.

Generating sales online is a complicated process, and it needs to be nurtured. Consumers nowadays typically make online purchases only after doing extensive research on a product or a service. Price, features, and specs are should be readily available online. It’s important to have the answers they’re looking for before making a buying decision. To convert customers, you need to implement a full spectrum custom chatbot to provide all the FAQ’s while also leading them toward making a purchasing decision.

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Last Year “Chatbots Increased Sales By 67%”

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When set-up correctly,  a custom chatbot can increase your revenue by encouraging customers to try different packages. Apart from sales leads and conversions, chatbots play an instrumental role in customer support and nurturing a customer all through their sales journey.  They’re there to immediately respond to any inquiry and also help you get to know the user. This collects valuable contact information and leads scoring data. If used properly, chatbots will help your lead database increase, providing you with greater possibilities to generate new sales.

Chat Sales Funnel Optimization

  1. Chatbots will make your business more productive and profitable
  2. Customers have higher conversion rates if they answer immediately, which can be provided 24/7 via chat
  3. Utilize data and remarketing with special offers for people who enter your chatbot list

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Sales Automation with Custom Chatbots

Creating an effective chat sales funnel is necessary for businesses that want better sales performance. With the right approach, we can create very effective sales funnels. These have become crucially important for an industry looking to improve their digital marketing strategy.

A great chatbot can be your best employee serving customers 24/7 and providing important information to buyers to attract them towards the right product. During the whole process, these customers are guided through the sales process, useful data is also collected in the process, enabling businesses to achieve more optimization on the customer journey.

The sales funnel is made up of four steps


Targeted ads will increase awareness of your brand, products, or services driving interested customers into your sales automation process. The chatbot will automatically provide answers for FAQS and help narrow down and qualify customers.

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This is the starting point of drawing people down your funnel toward making a purchasing decision or providing you information you want.  For example, if someone clicked on an ad for a dress then the bot would lead them through the ordering process starting with their color and size preferences.


The peak of your sales automation funnel is in the decision phase where your goal should be to motivate people towards making a favorable decision. According to Forbes magazine, “chatbots increase sales by 67%”! Having an effective and responsive chatbot will significantly increase sales and conversions.


The final phase reveals how well your sales automation  funnel is working and we can then make improvements based on collected data and results.  Your leads will either step away or buy the product but either way, when they enter your chatbot, they can always be easily remarketed to later.

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