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Nearby Now Account Login

By August 8, 2017Uncategorized

Nearby Now Account Login

Mobile: These are directions for setting up Nearby Now and using the check-in and survey features on mobile.

Step 1: Download Nearby Now Application in Google or Apple store.

Step 2: Check email and follow account verification link

Step 3: Login with details provided by your Admin

Step 4: Enter Service Description (geotag will automatically add location) and picture (optional) and submit check-in by pressing the location arrow tab at the bottom right of text input area.

Step 5: Next, select “send survey” at the bottom of your screen

Step 6: Enter the customer email or phone number to have the brief survey sent to and you’re done!

Example Survey

Desktop: These are directions for using Nearby now Survey and Check-in on Desktop

Step 1: Go to https://admin.nearbynow.co/ and enter your login details

Step 2: Make sure your company name is displayed and your account information is correct.

Step 3: Select “Checkin” on the left and enter the client location information where your technician visited.

Step 4: Select “Review Request” and enter the customer information, then select “Submit Survey” and you’re done!


Example Survey